Born in 1979 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I fixed my father’s old SLR camera (35mm) and put myself into a summer course. After that I never stop shooting. When I moved to London for two years in 2008 I’ve got a Digital SLR. I still use both. I have an advertising background in my studies (copywriter) that might influence my work somehow.

I worked for Rolling Stones and Time Out. After my first and only solo show I rented a place and opened a gallery, FIEBRE, in Buenos Aires, focused on the emerging vibrant scene of the city.

Finalist in Ten BestTen 2011 (by the brand Sony): a worldwide contest where I ended up representing Latin America at the final.
Finalist in Lucio Fontana 2013 (2nd edition). Italian contest.
Finalist in Centro Periferia 2014. Italian contest.

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Instagram: @rodolfoschmidtotero


About the series ‘Smart people’

It’s a series of dead pop characters with a Smartphone on their hands.

The idea is to communicate "what if they had a Smart Phone?": they probably wouldn't done a thing of what they did...Maybe it will make us all think "what am I doing?".

I take the images from the Internet then add the mobile, I make it offset, print it and glue it on the streets as a wheat-paste.