It consists of 50 original art works and 50 lottery numbers . Art lovers ACQUIRE a number on a donation basis, but they don’t know which artwork they will take home until the raffle takes place at the end of the exhibition. like previous editions, vol. 5 was sold out before the evening’s event. Meaning that The gallery was empty by the end of the project.

We are Very proud to present You The group of artists of Vol. 6:

Jorge Chamorro
Kevin Lüdicke 
Marcos Mangani
Johannes Mundinger
Luz peuscovich 
St. & St.

Organized by Arnejo Corata, Juan Arata & Eli Cornejo. Curated by Camille Cousin and ELi Cornejo.
The Berta returns to Wedding, to the amazing art space Gr_und. Thanks to the team for the trust and support!

Special guests will share the night with us: the talented and versatile Matilde Keizer hosting the event and Dácil Granados, a.k.a Playa Chica Dj, playing her sparkling and fun sets through the night. There will be also a bar with snacks and drinks, an art lottery. A perfect plan for sharing a lovely Sunday. 


Where: Gr_und, Seestr. 49, Wedding - 13347 Berlin - Germany / U6 Seestr.
opening: 24th november 18hs - 22hs. till 3rd december 2017
Opening hours: Thursday to Saturday 16hs-19hs
Art Raffle-Finissage: 3rd december, 17Hs- 22hs.


This is a NON PROFIT PROJECT. The team of organizers, curators and volunteers of this project donate their time and skills to make it possible. The organization of The Berta Art Raffle and the art space gr_und do not receive any monetary compensation.

STAY in touch if you would like to participate in the berta art raffle as sponsor of this project.

Video created by Greg Latham - Thanks a lot Greg for your amazing work! 

Video credits - Camera & edition: Gonzalo Bernasconi - Thanks Gonza!