The Olympics are not the only goal in sport. Throughout the year hundreds of championships and events (sports and otherwise) are staged that require us to be in shape. Call it sport, call it survival. Doing sport (exercising to keep up, stay afloat, remain, be visible and stand out from the rest) is part of our life and culture and, from this approach, I propose this series of collages as a view from the art world, so often the opposite of exercise, but with so much in common with competition. The Citius, altius, fortius series offers an analysis of sport/competition through a comparison with the world of art. The focus of this series is built around several items related to physical, but also intellectual/conceptual activity. Thus, we have The Stadium, which, like the museum or art gallery, is the venue for the event, the place for the ritual of competition. We also have The Athlete, as an individual figure who faces others like him/her with one goal: to be the first across the finishing line. The series also includes Victory and Defeat. Winning or losing, the heads and tails of the challenge  and competitive stimulus in a society where participation is not enough.

Dácil Granados (Gran Canary, 1976) studied Fine Arts at the University of La Laguna (Tenerife/Spain), where, after graduating, she began doctoral courses in Art Theory at the same university. She then moved to Madrid, where she completed her education with a Master's Degree in mounting exhibitions at the Complutense University.

During her career, she has held many individual (the least) and collective (the most) exhibitions, including: Tangents at the Kreas VZW Gallery (Belgium), Bienal Off in the International Art Exhibition of Lanzarote, Meetingpoint in the Dakar Bienniale (Senegal), Islas Móviles in La Regenta (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) and SAC (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), Cámara Experimental at the Carmen de la Guerra Gallery (Madrid) and Laisla at the Estampa International Art Fair (Madrid).

Her individual exhibitions include: Los Timadores and Retóricas Peatonales at the Ateneo de La Laguna (Tenerife), Disección de un Mileurista and Fotografías at Gabinete Literario de Las Palmas (Gran Canary).

As curator, she has worked on the collective exhibition: La Mirada con Rímel at Espacio Canarias de Creación y Cultura (Madrid) or the selection of works for the project Explosión Plástica Inevitable I y II in various galleries in Madrid. In Berlin, she works as a guide at the Pergamonmuseum and the Neues Museum. She also writes about music, museums and exhibitions on two websites ( and