1.Who may apply?

The Berta ART Raffle is open to both emerging and established artist and small art groups (i.e. collectives, etc.), working in any creative disciplines. Application is especially open to those artists who are focused on the development of their artistic career. 

2.How can I apply?

Send us an on-line application using the given form.

3.Does it have a cost?

No. Participation is free of charge. If you want to support the organization, then you may donate some extra work/s, which will be displayed in future events. The money collected from donations will be used to cover the costs of the event, such as website, transport of works, etc.

4.submission Deadline

You can submit at any time and your work will be considered for future editions.


A short bio, in English, and the link to your website or online portfolio are mandatory.


A small explanation of your body of work is required. This will help us to build a conceptual frame of your work and make it easy for collectors to fall in love with your art.
For each artwork you should provide, in English, the following information using the following format:
Title (Year)
Size in centimeters


This is everything. Ideal would be that we receive your work in a nice frame, ready to hang.
It’s also possible to deliver artwork and frame separately, if so, we will make sure they will be ready and good-looking for the exhibition.


Framed artworks: at least two weeks before the exhibition.
Unframed artworks: one month before the exhibition.

Bio, statement, profile photo and documentation of your work must be delivered at least 6 weeks before the event.


There will be as many tickets as artworks exhibited.
Usually, in order to cover some extra expenses for the organization of the event, there will be 5 extra artworks.
It is very important, especially for the artists, to get all the available tickets sold before the day of the opening. If this won't be the case, then the number of exhibited artworks will correspond to the number of sold tickets.
We will be responsible for the assignment, order and confirmation of the tickets. This does not mean that we won't need your help in promoting the event. Collaboration is highly required! 

Name *
Send us a wetransfer.com –or similar– download link, or a link to an on-line portfolio. Please send us a selection of artworks, so that we can have an idea about what you are willing to donate. We will decide together which artworks will become part of the raffle. Please also attach C.V.


If "sharing is caring", promoting is participating. On our side, we will promote the event through our Facebook page, website, online art magazines and so on. We hope you will do the same. Spread the word as much as you can, inform your friends, family or anyone you might think could be interested.
"There is only one thing in life
worse than being talk about, and that is not being talk about." –Oscar Wilde.


The artists receive all the money collected. We usually have at least 5 or more donated artworks to cover some extra costs: photographer, camera, host/ess, web programmer, framing. Please let us know if you would also like to support the project in this way.

The organization of the Berta Art Raffle does not receive any monetary compensation. All collected funds go to the artists. If you believe in symbiosis, cooperation & collaboration, become  sponsor of the project, always open to different kind of collaborations.