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Our goal is to bring together artworks of known and emerging artists to the established art community while also including any aspiring young art collector

The raffle takes place through a group exhibition, that will allow the artists to not only display their works, but also to receive a monetary compensation. Each ticket holder becomes a patron, while the artists are provided a platform and the funding to begin or further their careers. The project comes with an in-born twist: each ticket guarantees the owner an original artwork, determined at random by a lottery system and the artist get a real chance at being discovered by a new audience. So the raffle becomes the "courtyard" where this artistic and human exchange happens. Nobody loses, everyone wins.


In March 2014 we organized an art raffle to cover the cost of treatment for our cat, Berta. We decided we wanted to give every ticket holder a prize - a piece of art- as sign of gratitude. Unfortunately the night before the day of the exhibition, Berta died.

Despite the loss, the event was a great success in that it brought together a group of artists - and art lovers who wanted to support us. We realized this was something we wanted to do long-term, inviting new artists, and the Berta Art Raffle became an on-going project.

The aim of the Berta Art Raffle is to encourage young art enthusiasts to start building their own art collection by exposing them to affordable art, while promoting and supporting local and international artists.


Arnejo Corata is a collaboration between Juan Arata and Eli Cornejo formed in 2013. Together they work on different projects materialized as artworks or cultural events.

Camille Cousin is co-curator of the Berta and part of the team since VOL. 5, 2016. Always active looking for new projects and developing her owns, very professional and social person. We are extremely delighted to have her on board.

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